Adventure Park Project


Update February 9, 2020

Nakusp Adventure Park project moves to phase 2

With the completion of phase 1 of the Adventure Park, a new landmark has appeared in Nakusp – a massive log climbing structure which will be the centre piece of the park. This exciting development has caught the attention of the community and has children eager to explore its possibilities once the snow has melted.

The Rotary Club has now turned its attention to the next phase which will expand the park and add more play elements. What is finally built for this phase will depend on the success the club has in raising the necessary funds, but the plans are ambitious. They include an area specifically designed for younger children up to 5 years old, which will comprise a parkour course to test  climbing and balancing skills, a double swing with bucket seats and various free play elements. For the older kids additional features will include a tower slide, a zipline and a larger, more challenging parkour course.

Work is expected to start early summer 2022 once the funding is approved.

Here is a sample of the items we hope we will be able to install in Phase II of the new adventure park.

The Village of Nakusp has already committed its support to the project and has allocated $50,000 to the costs of construction. Additional approvals from other funding bodies is anticipated in the coming weeks.


Update: Tuesday October 19th, 2021

Work started last week on the construction of Nakusp’s new natural adventure park. The discovery of he old wading pool, buried three feet under the site caused a short delay in the work plan, but the crew were soon making great progress erecting the log climber, which is to be the centre point of phase one of the Park.



Overview: The objective of the project is to provide a natural play space for children up to about 12 years old to explore and test their boundaries. The park will be equipped with structures formed from natural materials (such as trees and rocks) which act as climbing walls, fairy castles, dens, … or whatever the children’s imagination conjures up.

The internationally recognized firm of Bienenstock Design and Consulting was engaged to develop the design of the Park. Their work is based on extensive research into the benefits to children of different types of play and we anticipate that the Park will have a positive effect on children’s health, their school work and their social behaviour.

The steering committee of the project is jointly chaired by the Rotary Club of Nakusp and the Village of Nakusp.

Phase One of the project is scheduled to start in 2021.


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