The Rotary Club of Nakusp was chartered on November 20th, 1950.

The Arrow Lakes Newspaper announcement read: “The newly organized Rotary Club of Nakusp has been granted a charter by the Board of Directors of Rotary International, it was announced Nov. 22nd at Rotary’s headquarters in Chicago. The Nakusp Club is now a member of the vast Rotary organization which has 7,186 Clubs with a membership of 342,000 business and professional executive in 33 countries and geographical regions.” 

On November 20th, 1950 the Rotary Club of Nakusp was chartered. The Rotary club of Nelson sponsored the foundation of the Nakusp Rotary Club.

In 1950 the Board of Directors of the Rotary Club of Nakusp were

Victor W. Smith, Charter president
Sidney Millard, Vice-President
Walker E. Addison, Secretary/Treasurer
W. G.M. Hakeman
Dr. P.B. Maxfield
Kenneth Highland
Fredrick Field
I.F. Morehouse
Donald H. Pye, Sergeant of Arms 

Some Community Achievements and Activities since 1950:

  • The establishment and upkeep of the Children’s Playground in the Park. 
  • The bridge over Kuskanax Creek to access the old hot springs pool
  • Donated materials and contributed labor for the concession booth stands in the park
  • Winter Follies – Snowmobile Races and Concessions
  • Cut, split and delivered wood to those in need for several years. 
  • Held several annual Barn Dances at the Home Ranch property
  • Annual Nakusp Secondary School Bursary
  • Floats in July 1st. Parade
  • Concession Booth for July 1st.
  • Concession for the Mud Bog Races
  • Float in Christmas light-up Parade
  • Sponsors Community Carol Sing
  • Sponsors the Nakusp Citizen of the Year awards
  • Provided Benches and Tables for the Park
  • Provided Benches along Waterfront and Broadway Street
  • In 1997 raised $15,000.00 to aid Kelowna Rotary in building the Cancer Lodge
  •  Initiated and Sponsored the Arrowtarian  Senior Citizens Housing 
  • Helped build the four phases of the Arrowtarian Rotary Villa which  now houses 43 seniors 
  • Beamers breakfast (when the motorcycle club has their annual weekend meeting in Nakusp)         

       Rotary Club of Nakusp meeting, February 1972. Len Folkman at left; Glenn Weatherhead at centre; new president Rex Thorp at right   Nakusp Rotary Club banquet, Leland Hotel dining room, mid-20th century

  Image on left: Len Folkman; Glenn Weatherhead at centre; new president Rex Thorp
at right February 1972. Image on right: annual Banquet at the Leyland Hotel.


Rotary Club of Nakusp Presidents


2021-22 Dan Nicholson
2020-21 Sara Collinson
2019-20 Dan Nicholson
2018-19 Mayumi van der Pol
2017-18 Mayumi van der Pol
2016-17 Dan Nicholson
2015-16 Harry Ellens
2014-15 Bill Tobey
2013-14 Bill Tobey
2012-13 Kees van der Pol
2011-12 Kees van der Pol
2010-11 George Harding
2009-10 Bill Tobey / George Harding
2008-09 Misty Crosby-Bone
2007-08 Larry Parkes
2006-07 Don DeSandoli
2005-06 John Moroz
2004-05 Hazel Rossman / John Moroz
2003-04 Gene Nagy
2002-03 Linda van Immerzeel
2001-02 Gene Nagy
2000-01 John Moroz
1999-00 John Moroz
1998-99 Sam Crockett
1997-98 Werner Schneeberger
1996-97 Hazel Rossman
1995-96 Gene Nagy
1994-95 Harry Ellens
1993-94 Jim Pozdnikoff
1992-93 Sam Crockett
1991-92 John Green / Ken Stanley
1990-91 Dennis Moorhouse
1989-90 Leo Langevin





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